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  • Biodiverse Substrate

    Biodiverse substrate is suitable for Brown and Biodiverse roofs that are to be blanket covered, seeded or plug planted. The balance of water-absorbent mineral, impervious material (allowing for free drainage) and low-nutrient organic material provides the optimum growing medium for a sustainable, long-term wildflower habitat. BD3 substrate is ideal for use with Verdant Blanket native wild plant seed, plug and blanket products.

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  • Sedum Substrate

    Grey2Green substrate is a low nutrient, free draining root zone for use in conjunction with our living roofs. Manufactured from a lightweight recycled aggregate mix, our substrate is designed to aid long term, self sustaining growth. For use with our sedum seed, plug and blanket roof systems.

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  • GreenEstate FLL Substrate

    Green Estate green roof substrate is a light-weight, effective product made from a blend of recycled products and LECA I, with organic material meeting BS PAS100. It has been developed, tested and approved in line with the FLL standards for green roof growing media to give the right balance of moisture retention and drainage free.                  The substrate also contains the right balance of nutrients –enough to keep the plants healthy without fertiliser but not too rich so as to stimulate excess growth.

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  • Substrate Various

    Grey2Green offer a wide range of substrates specifically designed for both living roofs and landscaping applications. All our substrates are graded and screened. For which certification can be provided upon request. Pictures show a sample of the substrates we offer:

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  • Limestone Pummice

  • Pellite
  • Crushed brick
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