Gey 2 Green

Products - Green Roof Materials

  • Substrates

    High-quality Substrates are essential for long-term sustainability of green roofs. Grey2Green offers a range of substrates blends which are free-draining and light-weight, using clean recycled materials for Extensive, Intensive and Biodiverse Roofs.
  • Drainage Products

    Grey2green offer a range of drainage systems with varying thicknesses, depth and strength to aid drainage under block paving and vegetated areas and anywhere where high strength drainage sheets are required.
  • Fleeces and moisture mats

    Nophadrain and Sky Garden fleeces - Protective geo-membranes and filter fleeces to prevent blockage of drainage layer and to protect waterproof layers. Different weights from 200 gsm to 1000 gsm available.

    Moisture Mats - Polypropelyne or natural jute moisture retentive fleeces in 500 gm and 1000 gm weights.

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  • Root barrier

    Loose laid plastic sheets tested in accordance with the FLL root penetration test that protects the waterproofing membrane of a living roof from potential damage from root invasion. Available in 0.5 ml and 0.8 ml thicknesses.

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  • Edging

    We supply edge retaining profiles to separate materials for landscape paths, lawn edging, and living roof applications. Materials include aluminium, steel and synthetics including our unique Velcro fixing system.
  • Inspection chambers

    Nophadrain VarioBasic chamber manufactured from galvinised steel and heavy duty polyethylene. All chambers can be extended to suite varying heights and can be fitted with grills, lids and lockable lids.

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  • Stones

    20 to 40 mm Riverstone for use as gravel edging and for ballasted roves. Available loose, 1 tonne bags or 25 kg bags minimum 40 per order. Other decorative stones also available.

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