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Conservation Blanket™ - the UK's wildflower carpet developed specifically for Living Roofs

grey2green has developed a new covering for living roofs, Conservation Blanket™, to meet the increasing demand for UK provenance

Pocket Habitat - Installation of living roofs made easy!

Arup and Sky-Garden have launched Pocket Habitat, a modular planting bag designed to promote biodiversity on roofs.

Graduate Gardeners

Grey2Green's partnership with Graduate Gardeners saw the installation and planting of the company’s new green walling system. Grey2Green's patented system which extends to commercial and domestic environments provided the solid blanket of cover framing the water feature and providing the harmonious backdrop to the rich planting.

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Bromsgrove School

Grey2Green supplied a selection of Pocket Habitats which pupils sowed with 50+ plus species of nectar rich wildflower plants attracting a bees butterflies and birdlife.

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Sky-Garden launches new website.

Click here to go to the new and very informative website for Sky-Garden - 'The UK's leading independent supplier and installer of green roofs'.



Home-grown UK Sedum and Wildflower mats, cut, lifted and delivered straight from our farms to your site in hours


New drainage products

Grey2Green offers a range of drainage products, including composite systems with combined layers of protection barrier, water reservoir, drainage sheet and filter fleece, so that the installer benefits from fast, easy installation in one hit.


New Substrate blends

High-quality Substrates are essential for long-term sustainability of green roofs. Grey2Green offers a range of substrates blends which are free-draining and light-weight, using clean recycled materials for Extensive, Intensive and Biodiverse Roofs.