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  • Conservation Blanket

    Grey2Green’s Conservation Blanket is UK grown and developed specifically as a wild flower coverage for green roofs. Consisting of 80 species, all of which are 100% UK native provenance, Verdant Blanket consists of only 5% grass to create a diverse and unique vegetation that will withstand the rigors of a green roof environment and provide forage for wildlife. Blanket size 2m2 rolls, 48m2 per pallet.
  • UK Grown Sedum

    Grey2Green’s sedum blanket is a pre grown vegetation covering. The blanket is a layered system designed to achieve instant vegetation coverage, with a rich variety of species.
  • Seed

    A range of seeds are available including sedum mixes, UK provenance wildflower mixes, and commercial grass blends.
  • Plug plants

    Sedum - A range of 50 mm deep sedum plugs for extensive application Wildflower - UK provenance wildflower plugs, 50 mm deep, grown exclusively for living roof application. Recommended 16 per sq.m.
  • wildflower_turf

    Meadow Turf

    High quality geo-turf grown through geo-grid structure to improve strength.

    Water retention and UK provenance root enhancing compounds as well as fertilisers are also available.

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