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 Pocket Habitat - Installation of living roofs made easy!

Arup and Sky-Garden have launched Pocket Habitat, a modular planting bag designed to promote biodiversity on roofs.

The immediate benefit of Pocket Habitat, is that installing a biodiverse green roof just became so much easier.The 20kg Pockets are supplied with substrate neatly enclosed for carrying by hand onto the roof.  Just open then plant or seed and let the sun and rain do the rest! 

Architect Journal’s Technical Editor said "Pocket Habitat really is a product which you have to see to appreciate. The ‘zip-up’ bags, with their grey felt outer layers, are covetable objects and they form attractive groups of planting which is available in a range of specifications, with six pick and mix substrates. Rather like the iPod, you might say ‘is that all it does?’ But it does it very well, it looks great and it rocks."

Pocket Habitat™ can also help claim BREEAM credits; meet BAP targets; and SUDS management.

Pocket Habitats are portable and can be relocated months or years after installation, making them suitable for temporary sites. 

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