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Pocket Habitat is a unique modular vegetation system designed to promote biodiversity in urban areas. Pocket Habitat can be used on commercial and domestic roofs, terraces and balconies, on brownfield sites set aside for future development, as a enhancement to schools and public places and as a solution for habitat creation on temporary sites.

Pocket Habitat is made from recycled polypropylene fibres to form a sculptured, engineered habitat that is specifically designed to support vegetation growth and variety. The pockets are then tessallated to form a mosaic of habitats which adds an aesthetic to the space the space and provides an ideal environment for biodiversity to flourish.

The Pocket Habitat has been designed to be moved as needs dictate. As habitat and diversity develop, Pocket Habitat retains its value wherever it is. Its unique, clean and portabile design makes it the solution for retro-fit, new build and temporary solutions.

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